I don’t pretend to know what He wants.

I’m not… not going to.


… the world needs less martyrs and more mortals.

Without the former, there’s a little less woe.

That’s easy for you to say though, Otolin.

You, with the power of your god behind you.
Within you.

I think that’s where people miss the… the point though.

Enlightenment as a Fist… is about physical prowess, yes.
It’s about being able to know your own body.
Your mind.
Your inner and outer workings.

But it isn’t about power.

It never should be.

For all the power I have, which has been… been compared to gods, to primals?

What good does it make anyone if it…

The world needs less martyrs and more mortals.

What’s the use in becoming a god if it kills the man who was there first?



They say when you’re a king,
Sometimes the best way to rule
Is that of an iron fist.

But he knows better.


Toss yourself from your throne,
And you come to realize that all the faults
Were your own.

In that, there is power.
The understanding of the self, of whatever lies beneath,
In his body, both sides carry something else.

So the next time he has to put on his crown,
The weight of the boom-clap in the back of his brain
Causing such a thing to tilt?

He finds there’s more power in a finger than the whole of his Fist.



The choir in your cranium calls out.

Their songs of shadows and light will always be caught in your throat.

Chakra, opened.

Realize your role.

You’re (not) a killer.

You’re a cleric,
A clergyman,
A preacher of His word.

Delivered through divine fist and feet.